The fashion for A_FAT_FUTURE is fierce, and not flattering at all. Every piece screams PROUD and it challenges you to have FUN with your own gorgeous curves. Whether you love it or have a difficult relationship with your body. Show it to make it common.

Your body is a treasure. Never be ashamed for this partner who is with you and works for you from your first till last breath. It is the reason why you are here, why you can experience all this great life. Appreciate it! Celebrate it!


This modern necklace-top is designed to be created from YOUR discharged sweatpants. If you are interestet in upcycling your worn out favrite pair of joggers into a brand new unique top, you can order it from me.

You send me your loved piece and in accordance with you I will create an individual X-BRA top from it in about 2-4 weeks. Costs of delivery are shared 50:50 and price is time and afford based.

Send your request to preferably with photos.

If you don’t have sweatpants to be reanimated you surely can look up my shops for ready-made items. All are single pieces – just like you. Please pay attention to the specified size and messurements but I can make adjustments for you if necessary. You find the newest X-BRAs at my shops.

Old Sweatpants and bleached Jeanspockets

-> -> ->

New “X-Bra”-Top (2022) (78-88 cm, Size EU 40 -46)


This was a project for Become A-Ware to reveal how onlineshops handle their returns. When we order online and send items back, they mostly won’t sort them back in stock. The returns go directly to companies who are paid for burn or shred them or send them to africa as an unasked “donation”.

Become A-Ware and supporting designers, like me, order from several shops, redesign and change the items and send them back with a note to the person opening the return package. If they answer we would know that they check the income, but unfortunately most shops just answer with the payback of the money we spend. That’s why this X-BRA is lost somewhere in the big onlineshop world. Maybe it travelled to Africa or to the next dump … we will probably never know.