By learning my body is ok how it is because it’s my most important instrument to move myself, to feel and to live I started to understand that I am worthy to be heard and am able to express myself. By writing texts and making music I can use my experiences to talk about issues that bother me like femisnism, capitalism, racism or the injustices in catholic church.

And I even got support from Become A-Ware to make a musicvideo for my own song which is called „Teile aus der Glut“ (english: „parts from the embers“) written in 2020. In the song I address topics such as the destruction of online-returns, overconsumption and the dangers of fast fashion production and how we can chance the system by chancing our own behavior by recycle, upcycle and repair our old clothes.

For years now, next to my intention to show people that nobody has to be ashamed for their body, I try to create awareness of the massive OVERCONSUMPTION in fashion. So after my bachelor-degree in fashiondesign at the University of applied science HTW Berlin, I worked as an Upcycling-seamstress and led workshops at schools, cultural institutions and museums to teach people how to extend the lifetime of their textile trashures. During my time at Bis es mir vom Leibe fällt I also had the chance to perform my song at streetperformances like at that rainy day at Alexanderplatz where I was playing ukulele, singing through a megaphone and carrying a backpack with a train of old textiles I got from work and Textilhafen Berlin.

Photo by Joachim Gern

We live in a world where we are often told that we as individuals cannot chance anything. We are too small, too stupid or too different. But I say we always have to try at least. No action is too small. We all influence each other – constantly.

A lot of things go wrong and we need to be able to talk about climate chance, alternativ systems to capitalism and equal human rights without being judged as being exaggerating, hysteric or loud. We all have a voice. No matter how much we weight, which gender we identify with, how much money we have or where we come from. We all are on an equal footing or at least we should try to get there – constantly.

Once child labor was normal, once women having no rights was normal, once slavery was normal. Normal is no good thing and status quo must chance – constantly.

So use your voice whenever you can.

Post by Der Tagesspiegel, photo by Lisa Kim Nguyen